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Is innovation still affordable with increasingly strained healthcare budgets? How can medical innovations continued to be financed? Panelist of the round table of distinguished speakers Member of the European Parliament Jorgo Chatzimarkakis made a statement which nicely complements the study released by AdvaMed only 2 days ago. He said that innovation does not increase costs although many people tend to believe they do. Chatzimarkakis continued to point out that Germany’s HTA agency IGWiQ and the way it currently operates does not support innovation uptake as it only looks at the cost impact of the technology today rather than looking at the ultimate benefit they might yield to society at a later stage.

To me, it’s refreshing to see that not all policy makers are members of the large group of skeptics of the benefit and value of investing in innovations.

– Mark Grossien

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  1. Absolutely correct innovation does not increase costs! Especially in Germany one should take care to keep the private health insurance which actually contributes significant money for innovation.

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