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Sitting in the crowded main conference hall of Berlin International Congress Center (ICC) on the opening day of Germany’s largest health policy conference, the so-called Hauptstadtkongress, I am keen to see where senior government officials see the healthcare system headed. The conference center breathes the atmosphere of a 70s sci-fi movie.

Bert Rürup
Bert Rürup

I am listening to the keynote of Professor Bert Rürup, previously a Professor of Financial and Economic Policy at the Darmstadt University of Technology and a scientific adviser of the German government, talk about the future development of the healthcare sector in Germany in light of the economic crisis. Comparing the healthcare system to an onion with its many layers managed to somewhat confuse me with this metaphor but followed suit to raise an interesting point. Yes, the healthcare sector and related industries will continue to generate growth and jobs. That being said, Rürup stresses the fact that it will be critical to look at the Gross Value Added the sector provides to the overall economy.

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