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When design meets medtech: Three ideas in preventing and managing pressure ulcers

Posted by MedTech Europe on 02/04/14

The work we do at the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design at the Royal College of Art in London focuses on developing projects with a strong emphasis on identifying and understanding everyday situations that people have difficulty with. Our approach is inclusive: we work with many ‘users’ of a product, service or system in order [...]

MedTech will not be wiped out by Apples or Googles – but here’s something to think about

Posted by MedTech Europe on 27/03/14

“Nihil novi sub sole” said the Vulgate. That could not be farther from reality when it comes to the MedTech Europe blog. And I am privileged to be the first author to “lay pen to paper” and contribute to MedTech Views, an initiative by MedTech Europe to establish a true platform for dialogue about medical [...]

iWatch: Not so fast Apple

Posted by MedTech Europe on 12/03/14

The lure of wearable technology and its application to health is tremendous- so tremendous that even the richest company on the planet-Apple, can’t resist it apparently. And so goes the recent insider news that has captured the attention of people worldwide “Apple is developing software and sensors that can predict heart attacks”. Not so fast [...]

Improving access to medical technologies for diabetes care in Europe

Posted by MedTech Europe on 05/03/14

Access to quality healthcare and medical technologies has risen to the top of the international health agenda. In this regard, diabetes is a particular challenge as good management relies on continuous access to both medicines and medical devices. In its latest study, IDF Europe found that hundreds of thousands of people living with diabetes in [...]

Rare Diseases: Anything but rare

Posted by MedTech Europe on 28/02/14

In linguistics, describing a word as a false friend implies that despite similarity in spelling or pronunciation, it actually has distinct – sometimes even contradictory – meanings in different languages. Describing rare diseases as ‘rare’ creates a similarly false association, one which implies they have a limited impact and scarcely occur. Drawing such a parallel [...]

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