DG SANCO or DG ENTR? Our value-based innovations will continue to benefit patients and healthcare systems in Europe

Posted by MedTech Europe on 25/09/14

With the summer holidays well and truly behind us, and temperatures outside gradually dropping, I am sure the temperature inside the EU institutions is rising as the EU machine is picking up steam again. Commission portfolios have been handed out, the Commissioners-designate will soon be vetted, and certain competences are being moved from one Directorate-General [...]

The consumerisation of care: Can medtech compete?

Posted by MedTech Europe on 18/09/14

Digital technologies are changing how companies innovate, interact and do business. Consumer industries such as retail, electronics, and telecommunications already use digital technologies to more closely connect to customers, better understand their needs, and be more responsive. As patients transition from passive care recipients to active value-seeking consumers, it is medtech’s turn to master these [...]

The narrow view of medtech as a cost driver refuted… again

Posted by MedTech Europe on 28/08/14

The prevailing thought still today is that medtech is driving rising healthcare expenditure. More and more research and publications are finding this not to be the case. The medtech industry is happy to have a fair and balanced discussion on the value of its products, but to do so, everyone must look beyond tomorrow, beyond [...]

Ebola Epidemic: How diagnostics can help in future health emergencies

Posted by MedTech Europe on 19/08/14

Events which force us to confront our limitations are powerful experiences to learn from. They make us change our assumptions and, ultimately, can lead to actions that will impact our world. The Ebola outbreak of 2014 is showing the existing limitations of health systems around the world. Declared a Public Health Emergency of International Concern [...]

Smart pacemaker adjusts your heartbeat with your breathing

Posted by MedTech Europe on 12/08/14

Pacemakers help regulate slow or skipping heartbeats through electrical currents that run via leads to the heart. Since the first artificial one was implanted into Arne Larsson in 1958, modern pacemakers have become a bit smaller than the size of a matchbox, weighing around 20-50g. While current pacemakers run to a set pattern, we’re working [...]

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