Superbugs and the role of diagnostics explained

Posted by MedTech Europe on 16/07/14

The discussion over superbugs moved center stage earlier this month when British Prime Minister David Cameron launched a global review of the crisis. “If we fail to act, we are looking at an almost unthinkable scenario where antibiotics no longer work and we are cast back into the dark ages of medicine where treatable infections [...]

Superbugs: How diagnostics can help doctors reduce over-prescription of antibiotics

Posted by MedTech Europe on 18/06/14

  A few years ago I was attending a conference on biologics manufacturing and the keynote speaker said their industry was lagging in implementing modern microbiological tools whereas the beer industry was way ahead. I was glad there were no clinical microbiologists in the room! Molecular methods have been used for the discovery of several [...]

The medical device industry: keeping face with patients

Posted by MedTech Europe on 06/06/14

For a 3rd year in a row PatientView has published its study on “The corporate reputation of the medical device industry – from the patient perspective”. As in the past the reputation of the medical device industry and specific companies are measured by hundreds of patient groups from all over the world. In the latest [...]

Let’s close clinical loopholes for devices and not just ‘wallpaper over the cracks’

Posted by MedTech Europe on 22/05/14

We’re right in the middle of a year of change in the EU. Europe has begun voting and EU politics may look quite different as a result. New things and new faces may be on the horizon but that doesn’t mean that work has stopped on a file of great importance to the Union’s more [...]

Association-led compliance conferences: that’s where real change happens

Posted by MedTech Europe on 08/05/14

As AdvaMed and Eucomed prepare for our next Global MedTech Compliance Conference May 20-22, 2014 in Barcelona, Spain, I reflect on the remarkable policy outcomes attributed to our past conference discussions.  Our MedTech association-led compliance conferences offer a platform—not available in a commercial compliance conference—to spur discussion and best practices exchange among compliance leaders on issues [...]

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